A Showcase of Some of So Cal’s Finest in the Coachella Valley

Jan 7th, Flat Back Art Supply, Palm Desert


This Saturday, Jan 7th, Flatback Art Supply in Palm Desert will be hosting an event featuring artists from both the desert and OC in an all ages event that is sure to be an uplifting portal into the new year. The brainchild of local artist and promoter, Zelaya Divina, Hip Hop Union is simply a product of her desire to bring together some of the musical magic she discovered after moving to Orange County with the vibes she grew up with in the Coachella Valley. A vocalist, actor, dancer and choreographer who cut her performer’s teeth in the desert, she has always aspired to bring her music worlds together.


Zelaya Divina: “I have dedicated a large part of my life to exploring any and every music scene in Southern California that I possibly can. From DIY backyard shows to festivals and large arena events to intimate open mic sessions; over the past few years I’ve chased a sense of love, unity, safety and compassion that many art communities so often lack. While traveling back and forth between these communities I have often been asked by people from both my hometown and second home, ‘How can I book a show out there?’ I noticed a disconnect.”

Row Low

Zelaya Divina continues: “I also love to network, introduce people and establish connections. This all led me to the realization of my desire to create safe spaces for people in our respective scenes to enjoy local hip hop at its finest while simultaneously connecting, networking and having fun.”

Headlining this all-ages event will be the Jazz/Hip hop fusion sensation that is Santa Ana’s own, Apollo Bebop. This is definitely an ensemble whose energetic sound and uplifting vibes have a little something for everyone. Having met each other randomly in 2016, these boys melded together their skills with their visions in order to make their mark in their hometowns and beyond. Between touring opportunities, their residency at Cool Lab in Santa Ana and being featured on Jam in the Van, this is a group you want to see and be a part of on the ground floor of their journey because for them, the sky’s the limit.

Gucci Mar

Rounding out the night will be performances by So-Cal rap diva, Gucci Mar and Coachella Valley’s very own, Row Low who truly never disappoints.

http://apollobebop.co/ @guccimar iRowLow.com