By Sunny Simon

     Ever feel stuck? You want to get things done, but perhaps don’t know where to begin so you remain in a limbo-like stupor. Sure, we’ve all experienced living in the land of status quo, dreamt big dreams but took no action. Fear not, because stagnation need be only temporary. A simple key to accomplishing your goals is to establishing some momentum.

     Recently I watched a rather mundane video about momentum. I knew I’d never make it through nine minutes and ten seconds of blah, blah, blah, but two minutes into the film my ears perked up as I considered this little physics lesson. Newton’s First Law, “An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed unless acted upon by an unbalance force.” That was all I needed to hear and I was off and running propelled by the fact that if I didn’t move nothing would happen.

     It’s okay to start small. I like to think it’s all about the little things. There is power in taking baby steps and accomplishing a two-minute task. Why? Because checking something off your do-to list, however small, elicits a sense of accomplishment. Making that check mark signals you got something done. Your momentum starts to build encouraging you to move on to more significant work.


     Want more? Start by shaking up your routine. Yes, you do need a process, a way to get work done, but sometimes we get too bogged down in our day-to-day methodical way of going about business. When you get creative and step outside your hum-drum routine you’ll begin to feel inspired. A new way of doing things spurs momentum and Newton’s rule about being and staying in motion kicks in.

     If the change in routine doesn’t get you on a forward projectile, perhaps you need some inspiration. Just reading Newton’s law was like a kick in the pants for me, but if that leaves you cold, look elsewhere. Read a book, a motivational blog or find a quote that rings true and spurs you onto action.

     Need more to fuel your fire? Find an accountability partner, hire a coach or turn to technology. Numerous apps like Goals on Track (which is free) are designed to help you plan and track your goals. With an app called LifeTick, those who hold you accountable can view your progress on goals and cheer you on.

     Utilize whatever strategy appeals to you. Think how much you can get done this week once you begin! Stop making excuses and get moving now.  Sunny Simon is the owner of Raise the Bar High Life and Career Coaching. More about Sunny at

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