Terra’s Kitchen, a new, innovative meal delivery service, is excited to announce its West Coast launch and debut to the marketplace. Terra’s Kitchen delivers farm-fresh ingredients, ready-to-cook recipes designed by a team of chefs, in its innovative, climate-controlled eco-friendly Vessel.

Founded by a team of foodies, wellness professionals, nutritionists and farmers, Terra’s Kitchen was created as the answer to the following commonly asked question: ‘In today’s fast paced lifestyle, how do we find the time to slow down and connect with each other over a healthy, great tasting meal?’ The company prides itself on delivering the freshest of seasonal ingredients, including produce, proteins and delicious sauces, prepped and packaged together as chef-designed meals that arrive to consumers’ doorsteps ready-to-cook.

Terra’s Kitchen, in partnership with a national network of local farmers and innovative, fresh food technology company FreshRealm, has set itself apart from other meal delivery services in the marketplace by delivering ingredients from the farm, faster and fresher, with a climate-controlled, eco-friendly Vessel: a unique vessel in which it delivers its high quality, clean ingredients.  Terra’s Kitchen uses the eco-friendly Vessel, a proprietary, climate-controlling technology to keep ingredients cool and fresh beyond the delivery date. Additionally, the eco-friendly Vessel is reusable and creates 0% waste, as Terra’s Kitchen will schedule a pickup date and time with its customers to retrieve it and reuse it, like the modern day Milk Man bringing freshness from the farm to front door.

Through the company’s website, consumers are able select from a menu of seasonal recipes, designed by Terra’s Kitchen chefs to celebrate the freshest produce that nature has to offer. Once signed up, consumers can add, swap, or remove recipes, or come back when ready for their next eco-friendly Vessel stocked with fresh ingredients and delicious recipes. Each week, Terra’s Kitchen will deliver perfectly ripe and fresh, pre-prepped ingredients that are ready for the skillet, as well as easy-to-follow, step-by-step recipe cards with pictures.


“The innovation and inspiration behind Terra’s Kitchen came from a desire to bring back the classic family dinner experience. We want to give people a tool that allows them to spend less energy cooking a meal and more time enjoying, celebrating and sharing it with family and friends,” stated Michael McDevitt, Chief Executive Officer of Terra’s Kitchen. “We are thrilled to now be hand delivering that tool to doorsteps up and down the West Coast from San Diego up to Portland in the form of all natural, farm-fresh and delicious food.”

Terra’s Kitchen is currently offering an opt-in subscription service to customers within its delivery zones, where customers can purchase ready-to-cook ingredients and recipes each week. A full eco-friendly Vessel with ten dinner servings (up to five different recipes) retails for $160.00. For more information on Terra’s Kitchen and updates on availability per city, please visit www.terraskitchen.com