By Bronwyn Ison

Do you find that you are nurturing everyone around you? Are you being nurtured in return? Better yet, are you nurturing yourself? Often we do not take time for ourselves. This can lead to feelings of being overwhelmed, frustrated or reaching burn out.

Finding balance in your life is essential. If you are conditioned to giving and doing for others you may find it challenging to stop and do for yourself. Like anything else you need to set an appointment to take a time-out for YOU! I advocate, as a fitness professional that students must make an appointment with themselves to exercise. Exercising tops the list of being kind to your self. Your mind, body and spirit will thank you.

Keep in mind that if you are nurturing yourself that you will benefit overall. Retire at an appropriate time. Getting enough rest is essential to a healthy lifestyle. Our bodies need time to rejuvenate. You will perform better the following day if you achieve the right amount of rest.

Take time during the day to meditate. A good way to start your day is taking five to ten minutes to sit and relax. As you sit, breathe! This may be a good time for you to map out your day on paper or in your mind. Incorporating your breath will calm your central nervous system. This may prevent you from feelings of anxiety. If mornings are not best for you find another time during your day. It may be that relaxing for 10-15 minutes mid-day helps you recharge.

Ground yourself! What do I mean by this? Literally ground your bare feet on the earth as often as you can. When we are barefoot we are more in touch with ourselves. Our minds are more open. Hence, YOGA! Yoga is done barefoot. Instructors advocate rooting your feet into the earth or on your mat. This facilitates setting a healthy foundation for your practice.

Drink plenty of water. Our desert is exceptionally warm and it is easy to become dehydrated. If we are dehydrated we can lose energy or not feel well. Eat healthy foods. If you can, eat organic foods and avoid anything processed.

Take time to be with your loved ones. As we know life is very short and precious. Take time to be with those you love. Spending time with family and friends will enhance your spirit. You will feel good as will your loved ones.

Live passionately. In fact, LIVE your PASSION. What excites you? When we engage ourselves in activities or work that we enjoy, we are more productive. Do what you love and the rest will follow. Finding balance may be challenging but it is essential to a healthy life. Make a list of how you can become more nurturing to yourself and live out your goals.

Bronwyn Ison is the Owner of Evolve Yoga. or (760)564-YOGA