By Raymond Bill

I have been bragging about PS Underground for quite some time now however, many are still uncertain as to whether they should attend one of these events. This past week, this wandering supper club succeeded in hosting one of the best dinner shows our valley has seen. For just a few nights, co-founders, Michael Fietsam and David Horgen, presented their latest installment, “KAOS”. This dining adventure featured fine cuisine and entertainment that left their guests, including myself, in awe.

A day prior to the event, I received an email disclosing its location along with the instruction to dress for a dinner party but with something amiss. Guests arrived with mismatched shoes, earrings and even colored contacts. Adding to the chaos of the appropriately named theme, one guest arrived with her top completely inside out! This broke the tension as we all mingled over martinis guessing each other’s wardrobe malfunction.

As we proceeded to the dining area in the adjacent room, we admired one grand table to accommodate the entire group. The menu before us would note the many courses we would receive but little did we know the order in which we would receive them would be random. The food was presented elegantly as if it were being served in one of the desert’s finest restaurants. We began with a terrine of roasted and chilled beets with herbed goat cheese. Incredible! Other courses included Seared Duck Breast with a Bacon Red Wine and Honey Gastrique, and Seared Jumbo Scallops with a Lemongrass Brown Butter. We enjoyed our desert early in the meal, a Meyer Lemon Mousse, and also out of order, were a Dutch Mustard Soup and Wild Rocket Salad. The food was simply perfection.


What was truly amazing about our experience was the entertainment between courses. It was reminiscent of a trip to the circus, complete with a trapeze-like ring and acrobats in full costume. These limber ladies danced and twirled before us in the center of our large dining table, capturing our attention and filling our faces with childlike wonder. One of the performers balanced on a ball and danced around the perimeter of the table and again on the table before us, never stumbling or falling out of character. Other performers danced with illuminated hula hoops and bongo drums. It was spectacular!

I cannot say enough about how remarkable this experience was. PS Underground continually exceeds my expectations, making it the best dining venue in the Coachella Valley. There is no competition. PS Underground will be featuring an encore performance of “KAOS” February 27th for those that missed out. Visit or like them on Facebook for more information.