By Crystal Harrell

On Friday, July 22, 2022, Renova Energy will be partnering with the City of Palm Desert for the first-ever “Thank an Outdoor Worker Day.”

Renova Energy has partnered with the City of Palm Desert and Burrtec Waste Management for their own day of acknowledgement of Outdoor Workers by setting up meeting points throughout the day around their respective work schedules to say ‘thank you’ to their outdoor workers. Each event will also have special treats for each of the teams above and beyond what the companies do on a regular basis, including breakfast burritos, E & E Pels, ice cream, cooling neck gaiters, and other gifts of appreciation.

“When we presented the idea to Mayor Harnik, she was immediately on board with the importance of this special event and that while we should be thankful and show kindness each day, this is a way to really honor and highlight them,” said Emily Langenbahn, Policy & PR Manager at Renova Energy.


Renova Energy is a growing company that specializes in desert climates. The company currently employs around 200 outdoor crew members in the Coachella Valley alone. Because of their desert expertise and extensive training, employees are mindful at Renova of the health and safety of their crews, and strive on a daily basis to let their teams know that they are appreciated and also provide them with tools and techniques for climate safety.

“This day of appreciation is one that should not just be acknowledged in the Coachella Valley, but really throughout the world. There are men and women that work in various climate conditions that often go overlooked, but are necessary jobs for communities to continue thriving,” expressed Vincent Battaglia, the Founder & CEO of Renova Energy.

Renova, along with local government leaders and liaisons in the Coachella Valley, including Assemblyman Chad Mayes and Mayor Jan Harnik of City of Palm Desert, are working to make this celebration an annual event and with statewide recognition to formalize an “Outdoor Worker Appreciation Week” every year at the end of July.

“Renova Energy was started in 2006 with a dedication to providing the best solar and battery storage available to every customer. We believe we can make change in the communities we serve and the world we share,” stated Vincent Battaglia.

Outdoor workers help the Coachella Valley in the fields of agriculture, construction, landscaping and pool service professionals, public works, parks & recreation, tourism and more. The hashtag #ThankAnOutdoorWorker will be used to commemorate this event.

“Every day is a good day to say thank you, but we’re coming together on July 22 to give special appreciation to these hard-working professionals,” said City of Palm Desert Mayor Jan Harnik.

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