Snake Jagger has spent his whole life inspired and creatively influenced by the raw nature and beautiful desert landscapes of the Coachella Valley and surrounding areas. Many know his work through his depiction of surreal desert scenes and landscapes. His clever use of juxtaposing everyday objects into his work typically makes for an effortless attack at the viewer’s imagination and heightens our ability to notice the generally unnoticed. A surrealist artist turned abstract painter, Snake Jagger challenges himself and those around him in such a way that should inspire for years to come.
Jagger is currently working on a few new paintings for his upcoming show in Catalina, which runs Sept. 21st through the 23rd. This is the shows 54th year and Jagger has been participating for the last 20 years. “It has been one of my favorite shows to do,” shares Jagger. “I am putting the finishing touches on “Ready for Liftoff,” “Happy Hour at Descano Beach” and “Catalina’s USO’s.”
Jagger goes on to say that he’s taking a break from some of the other festivals right now. “I am working on developing my abstract style and also venturing into animal portraits to build up a gallery on my website. I am accepting commissions for pet portraits at this time. I am also working on some illustrations for a children’s book, and a 36 foot long backyard mural in Palm Springs.” He is also continuing to make his assemblage sculptures from found objects, and will be showing a variety of his work in Borrego Springs during the month of October. Contact info is, website is, and
You can also go to and click on Art Column or go to Archives to Issue #2 to read Kylie Knight’s interview with Snake Jagger from 4-5-12.

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