By Dr. Maria Lombardo

The “tummy tuck” has been around for years and removes the excess skin and bulges from the belly but it is not the right procedure for some women. Those who have a layer of fat beneath the skin or who have fatty deposits on the hips or on the abdomen do benefit from excess skin removal but they will be left with those same fatty deposits and will be left with a “thick” shape. The Avelar, a new “tummy tuck” technique here in the Coachella Valley, is now being offered at the Lombardo Cosmetic Surgery Center in Rancho Mirage. Developed by Dr. Juarez Avelar in Brazil, this new technique combine’s liposuction to thin the fat layer of the abdomen creating as much loose skin as possible, and then removal of excess skin is performed. This technique allows for an easier and faster recovery than the traditional procedure. Traditional “tummy tuck” procedures, known as abdominoplasty, requires extensive surgical dissection and the use of drains for several days to weeks after surgery. Both procedures require the use of a compression garment for several weeks after surgery to decrease the risk of blood clots and to help re-contour the shape of the abdomen.

The Avelar is a great alternative for patients who want a “tummy tuck” but have avoided the procedure because of long recovery times, required time off of work and lengthy drainage times. With the Avelar technique muscles can still be tightened and the navel can be repositioned when necessary. All the advantages of the traditional procedure are present with the added benefit of being able to shape the body and give a more desirable hourglass appearance. Mommy Makeovers, a combination of The Avelar “tummy tuck” with a breast procedure can also be done. Flatten the belly and return the breasts to a pre-pregnancy profile. For more information about all the procedures offered or to make an appointment to discuss whether you are a candidate for this exciting new procedure, call Lombardo Cosmetic Surgery at 760-610-8990 to schedule your complimentary consultation with Dr. Maria Lombardo.