By Angela Romeo

Politics aside, art is never quiet. The work of Wendy Wonder is no exception.

Wendy Wonder was born to Sheryl Berk in the tumultuous sixties. “Andy Warhol and The Factory. People burning bras. Others burning draft cards. It was a time of change and experimentation, “ said Wendy. “Sheryl became Wendy – I was living on the Warhol fringe It was the West Village and The Fur Balloon Boutique was my fashion source. I was living the life of an artist, wild, free and without limitations.”

Vocal, political and talented Wendy saw her work shown in many venues of Southern California. “I have much to say. Often words are the wrong medium and art is the correct medium to express a thought. The political satire that pervades me fine art work is more subtle than words.”


The sixties gave rise to the seventies and Wendy found herself in Los Angeles. “It was a different time. I came to LA to be an artist. I found work on a range of projects. I worked with Ralph Bakshi on the first X-rated animated film, Fritz The Cat. I worked in advertising sales for Town & Country and W magazines, both a far cry from Fritz!  I also worked for The Advocate, IN, Instinct and Angelino. My graphic arts style worked well for these projects.“

Wendy later moved on to Hollywood where she worked a costume designer for television. Her eye for style found her working on many shows. Her interest in style and fashion can be seen in her other work. Her accessories have a sense of timeless and whimsy. But like all her work there is so much more to see.

A 60’s Mod who became one of the original Yuppies, Sheryl was always Wendy. The keen political voice never changed. She uses those parts to keep Wendy relevant and attuned to the social barometer.

Wendy’s style is often a deceptively simple approach, easy to take in, and packed with a wallop. Her current project Team Pinhead is at the Trenz Gallery, 68895 Perez Road, Cathedral City. The work is black and white humanoid figures alone, together or with their equally pinhead dogs. “Politics cannot be escaped,” noted Wendy. “Pinheads are pointed headed people and pets of indiscriminate origin. From the PHP Planet they are robot and robust. They are all linked up to the central computer COMPEX. They continue to live on a destroyed and bankrupt planet. They are trying to preserve and protect the last natural spot on the planet, Natureland, a theme park. The Pinheads are at odds their army, known as THE CORE. THE CORE wants to use the Natureland for maneuvers! The Pinheads are opposed and seek to preserve life, as they know it, against the COMPEX and THE CORE. Any similarity to us humans is strictly coincidental.”

With this election year closing, the political discussion has brought to the surface many things and we have been forced to see the darker side. As one is drawn into the Team Pinheads series, one cannot escape that the work is expressing those things we hide from polite society. Wendy’s style leads you down a path of discussion. Simple. Provocative. Art being loud without uttering a word.

Such is Wendy Wonder – art living loud.

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