By Rebecca Pikus

“Zoe’s….[paintings] are luminous, alive, and gutsy.  Through her alchemy with paint, putting down layer upon layer, often over long periods of time, Zoe has infused her canvases with her own strong feelings for the natural wonders of our planet.  Her deep emotions for her subjects come across and touch the viewer.  As an abstract painter myself, I see Zoe’s work not only as depictions of nature, but in terms of the actual components of painting itself, such as color, surface, edge, form and shape…..Zoe, like all true artists, is clearly on a voyage of exploration and discovery in her work.”  Joe Novak

Fischer was born and raised in Los Angeles, Ca.  She began exploring art at a very early age; she also began studying the violin and participating with her school orchestra – which led to her performing concerts at the Hollywood Bowl before the age of ten!  She earned a Bachelor of Arts from UCLA, majoring in both Art and Music.  She pursued painting, drawing, sculpting, pottery, jewelry design, and weaving.  During her tenure at UCLA, she received a Grammy nomination for the category of best album cover.  The work, an abstract painting, appeared on the jazz album “Extensions” by internationally acclaimed composer Clare Fischer.

As a testament to her diverse talents, Fischer opened a boutique, Zoe Antiques, on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.  Specializing in Art Nouveau and Art Deco, Zoe Antiques attracted a celebrity clientele and the interest of Vogue Magazine, which devoted feature coverage of Zoe Antiques biannually in the magazine’s Boutique section.  She then transitioned into real estate, designing livable spaces, and enhancing living environments.


In 2001, Fischer moved to Palm Desert, Ca and began painting full time.  Surrounded by the majestic beauty of the mountains and desert sky, her new environment provided the perfect inspiration for her new artworks.  Here in the Desert, she is clearly on a voyage of continued exploration and discovery and capturing intense – yet serene – images in her wondrous oil paintings.

ZOE ANN FISCHER:  Exhibition “Visually Speaking – Color & Light”, through Dec. 31, 2016 – REBECCA FINE ART GALLERY, 68895 Perez Rd, #7, Cathedral City, Ca (760) 534-5888 – – Gallery Hours Wed.-Sat., 11am-4pm or by Appt.