By Rebecca Pikus

“This.Is.Now.” is an exciting new Exhibit which presents an in-depth and dynamic look at Modern Art today through Sculptures, Paintings, & Photographic Art.  Rebecca Fine Art Gallery will also be showcasing selected works of 3 amazing sculptors for this upcoming show:  Christopher Georgesco, John Neumann, and Guillermo Valentin.

Christopher Georgesco, born in Lincoln Nebraska, is an American sculptor. He is the son of modernist Haralamb H. Georgescu, renowned Architect from Budapest, Hungary. Georgesco began his career in Venice, California in 1968, in his studio on Abbot Kenny.  His first Show was at Newspace Gallery, Los Angeles.  His first solo show was deemed an overnight success by William Wilson, critic for The Los Angeles Times, and was picked up by L.A.’s top collectors. Wilson also cited Christopher Georgesco as “pushing the art world’s masterpiece button” with his 10-foot-tall Totemic Concrete & Steel Columns and Tripods. His first solo show was followed by an exhibition at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art titled L.A.8.  He now lives on the outskirts of Palm Springs, where he maintains a sculpture garden of colorful 8-to-10-foot-tall painted steel sculptures resembling magnified leaves or arcs and radii.

John Neumann was born in Berlin, Germany; as a young boy, his family immigrated to the United States.  Neumann majored in fine art at the University of Albuquerque, NM from 1970-1974.  He went on to study in Italy at Scuolo Politecnica de Desegno de Milano in 1974 -1975. Upon returning to the states, Neumann obtained an apprenticeship with sculptor Albert Wein from 1975-1976, working with Wein on the Libby Dam project.  In 1977-1978 he served as an assistant to New York sculptor Roy Gussow.  Neumann has worked directly with a number of artists fabricating their sculpture including – Marjorie Strider, Leslie Dor, Robert Goodnough, Del Geist, Clement Meadmore and Elbert Weinberg.  The major influences on Neumann’s work are Cubism, Constructivism and Abstract Expressionism. Among his favorite artists are Alexander Archipenko, Julio Gonzales, Anthony Carro, David Smith, Franz Kline and Hans Hofmann.

Guillermo Valentín was born in Michoacán, México.  He studied at Bellas Artes, Academy of Art in Baja, Ca. México, and continued his art education at Centro Cultural El Nigromante, in Guanajuato.  His professor and mentor, German sculptor Lothar Kestenbaum, constantly encouraged Valentín on the experimentation and exploration of different art techniques.  “Most of my work incorporates the human figure. I deeply admire and respect women, and my pieces represent indigenous women with no inhibitions, completely aware of their beauty and strength, and proud of being themselves….”I believe beauty resides in nature, and my conscious goal is to create a representation of freedom of movement, harmony of lines, and a continuous celebration of beauty.  I aim to capture the vigor of life and radiate its unabashed potential.”  Valentin works with diverse materials:  marble, wood, bronze, stone, terracotta, cast stone, and paper.


“This.Is.Now” is a group Exhibition that also includes Sculptures by Robert Reeves, and Craig Zeigler.  In addition, the Gallery will showcase Paintings by modern artists Joe Novak, Mario Pikus, Donald Spencer, Robert Tahar, Mandy Main and Rom Lammar.  Photographic Art will be represented by August Muth, John Henebry, and Steven Bein.

“This.Is.Now.  [April 8 – June 30] Opening Reception – Saturday, April 8, 5-8PM, REBECCA FINE ART GALLERY, 68895 Perez Rd., #7, Cathedral City, Ca  (760) 534-5888 – — Open Bar, Music, Great Art

  • Christopher Georgesco

  • Guillermo Valentin

  • Mandy Main

  • Rom Lammar