By Robin E. Simmons


How to know what’s really part of the material fabric of time and space or merely a mental construct is the quest Mr. Anderson, aka Neo (Keanu Reeves), is pursuing in this latest iteration of the 20 year-old sci-fi trilogy.  But Neo has no idea just how dangerous it is to try and get in or out of the Matrix if he chooses to again take a reality-shifting pill.

The best way to enjoy “The Matrix Resurrections” is to give up on trying to figure it all out and just go with the lush visual and visceral action and let it all wash over you.  It is great to see Keanu and Carrie Ann Moss on screen together again.  They are a perfect movie couple for our fragile times when it seems so-called reality has no shared consensus.  Netflix now.


This thought provoking extended metaphor is funny and sad because it is so unflinchingly true, about our self-destructive reactions to the dire consequences of climate change no matter what you believe – or your religion and politics.

This film is the most on-the-nose portrayal of the world’s collective denial when scientists share the discovery of a comet on a collision course with earth. This dark satire speaks a disturbing truth, truth but will the liars pay attention?  Netflix now.

Whatcha watchin’?  I want to hear from you.  Happy New Year.

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