By Bronwyn Ison

You know the emotions generated when you allow thoughts to swirl in your head. Good, bad, or indifferent. Our minds are powerful. Our thoughts can determine our moods, how we respond to others, and can dictate our day. However, often we allow negative regressive thoughts to rule over the positive.

Consistently, the past fifteen months, I’ve made a conscious effort not to allow negative thinking rule my life. Every so often I will catch myself thinking unpleasant thoughts. Or, I’ll contrive my own theories with respects to a circumstance. Subsequently, I learned I allowed my imagination to roam. I realize, I wasted far too much of my time. Does this sound familiar?

The other day, I caught myself pondering negative thoughts about something that did not come to fruition as I hoped. Fortunately, my cognitive power surfaced. Within five minutes, I changed my thought process. I realized I was breathing life into the negativity. I also gained the perspective that I was wasting my time by exerting what could be positive energy into something negative. Also, time not well spent is considered superfluous.

One way of accomplishing our goals is setting our minds to get the job done. When we set our minds we decisively choose what you will or will not do. Choosing to set your mind on a positive goal and seeing it through will allow you to gain satisfaction. Plus, engaging in a goal, you will be less likely led to temptation.

Get out of your own head that you cannot accomplish your goals. Often, we think we cannot do what was placed on our hearts. Remember, believing you can do something will bolster your tenacity to achieve your dream.

Maintain positive thinking so you may not become distracted. “Where your thoughts go, the man will follow.” If our mood is compromised others may be able to recognize something is off with you. For instance, you could be in a funk, you may miss something spectacular because you are in a sour mood.

The bottom line… you have a choice in how you direct your thoughts. Do not waste precious time by feeding or buying into negativity. If you are wasting your time focusing on how someone hurt you, what they may do to you, whether or not you lose your job, etc. STOP IT! I recommend praying or mediating on positive thoughts to provide transformational assistance.

Keep your head up high. Do not allow the moods of others to influence you. Always think of a positive solution.

Bronwyn Ison is the owner of Evolve Yoga. (760)564.YOGA (9642)

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