By Elizabeth Scarcella

I am sure that most of us have pondered the reason for our existence. There must be some other motive to life; other than being born, getting an education, working, having some fun…and then becoming sick and dying. Obviously, there is a deeper purpose than that. So, what IS the reason? I believe it is our Soul’s journey to learn through a physical bodily experience.

To illustrate my point, I refer to an excerpt from Aimee’s book (Gratitude + Forgiveness x (Love) = Happiness), which also serves as a platform for these discussions, to clearly define the reason we are really here. She writes, “Our experiences as a physical being on Earth are framed within a finite period of time, whereas our souls are eternal. Our souls are not restricted by the concept of linear time to learn, therefore, we have the freedom to gain different perspectives on our soul lessons through a multitude of different incarnations if we so choose.” (pg. 4)

This might be unfamiliar or even uncomfortable to consider. It’s not every day (well, for me it is…lol) that we speak of other incarnations. In fact, we do not even have proof of this. Therefore, this is conjecture for the scientifically minded.  Also, I respect, for some, this thought may bump up against your religious beliefs. My intention is not to push my beliefs onto you…but to guide you into considering another perspective that you may not have been privy to yet. In considering this spiritually unique perspective, you may find answers to the questions that have been simmering deep within you for a long period of time.


Let’s play this hypothesis out…if we were born to grow our souls from lessons we fulfill in one lifetime …could it be that what we learn on Earth may be used as a foundation for further soul growth in another lifetime? Perhaps, the painful lessons we experience are designed to grant us the opportunity to break free from bonds we’ve held for longer than just one lifetime?

Another important aspect to examine is what Aimee calls, “the collective soul.” The collective soul simply refers to how we as Soul beings in Human form are spiritually linked to each other. Have you ever met someone for the first time and had an instant connection? Of course you have. Have you ever “known” information about another, even though they never told you? These encounters are not just coincidences. We attracted these people to us in order to learn from each other, and to fulfill our ultimate objective of learning. In some cases, we were brought (back) together in order to help each other, learn together and create a plan to help Humanity. Aimee and I both believe that is why our deep connection was instant and intense. We were brought together by a mutual friend who just “knew” that we needed to meet. When we did, we both teared up, hugged (remember, I had JUST met her….) and then immediately asked each other, ‘where have you been all this time’? From that moment, which was 2+ years ago, we have been creating together…knowing that our purpose in Life is to help others Awaken to their BEST self yet.

It is our sole (or “soul”) intention to inspire you to create a life of Happiness. We hope these words have touched you deeply.

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