By Michelle Rizzio

This weekend at the Oasis Estates in Indio, women from across Southern California and beyond are coming together for the Women Weed N’ Wellness Retreat. Hosted by Trish D, this magical weekend will incorporate workshops such as sensual yoga flow, belly dancing, vegan food preparation, crystal energy, yoni steams, and more. I had the opportunity to interview Lizzy Jeff of Zen & Kush who will be at the event this weekend to learn more about the retreat.

CV Weekly:  Tell us more about the Women Weed N’ Wellness Retreat

Lizzy Jeff: “The retreat is all about bringing women together to intentionally step into our divine feminine energy and help each other thrive. There will be powerful healers from all over the world coming in to share their healing magic. I’ll be hosting a very lovely Zen & Kush Experience where I’ll be leading an Elevated CBD power meditation. I’ll also be performing a high frequency live set with my DJ moonflower.”


CV Weekly: How did you get involved?

LJ: “Trichome Trish reached out to me to share a performance and from there we collaborated on ideas and created a dope experience for the women.”

CV Weekly: What is Zen & Kush?

LJ: “ZEN & KUSH is a curated space with the intention of tapping into self-healing via cannabis and other herbs, the Zen & Kush lounge will provide education around herbs, tinctures, topicals and all things Cannabis. You will have the opportunity to experience CBD massage, infused stretch classes, joint rolling workshops, healing sessions and herbal consultations with Medicine Woman @LizzyJeff and other healers of the community. The lounge will be open through the night for those of you seeking relaxation, infused tea sessions, and community vibes during the evening. You’re invited to come explore the healing effects of Cannabis, sensual Damiana, elegant Rose, lung detoxifying Mullein and so much more. This is a place to respectfully and consciously use these plant medicines, as well as a space for sharing and learning, with workshops taught by Lizzy Jeff and others.”

CV Weekly: In your experience how does CBD enhance spirituality?

LJ: “CBD is the perfect support system when it comes to grounding in your body and bring yourself to the present moment. It helps you focus on your breathing and enhances meditation. CBD on so many levels is incredible and works hand in hand with spirituality. It’s amazing first thing in the morning before I stretch my body and set my intentions for the day. I love dropping 5-10mg an organic CBD tincture into my tea for a more peaceful vibration. A couple puffs of HarleQuin relaxes me and puts me on the perfect frequency for manifesting greatness.”

CV Weekly: What are your favorite strains?

LJ: “Blackberry Kush for relaxation

AK Haze for a creative, uplifting vibration

Lambs Bread when I’m channeling the spirit of Bob Marley

Champagne when it’s time to kick my feet up and bask in the sunlight.”

CV Weekly: How did you get involved in the cannabis space?

LJ: “I started working as a bud tender at a lovely shop not far from the beach. From there I started teaching myself about different parts of the plant and the business. The more I learned, the more inspired I became to build my own empire.”

CV Weekly: Where can folks learn more?

LJ: “My music is always a really good channel to learn more about using cannabis in your daily rituals and living your best life. Follow me on Instagram at @LizzyJeff and also visit my website”

CV Weekly: Is there anything you would like to add?

LJ: “There are lots of incredible women doing big big things in the Cannabis industry. It is a powerful time for us. I’m watching people all around me find creative new ways to infuse their lifestyles and businesses with mama ganja. She is headed in all directions and we have no choice but to embrace her magic. I’m so excited to come together this weekend with so many incredible healers, creatives and renaissance leaders in celebration of cannabis and sisterhood. Yay us!”

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