I really appreciate the opportunity to write fire and life safety articles for the CV Weekly newspaper. It’s an honor to write and spread the message of safety to their readers. I also get the privilege to occasionally write about great customer service received from businesses in the CV.

I recently had an issue with my golf cart. I called New Visions Golf Repair in Palm Desert. By that afternoon Felix Torres came out and took a look at my cart. Within 10 minutes he had my cart diagnosed and repairs done within thirty minutes. Not just with one cart but my second one as well.

Why am I writing this? Before New Visions I had another guy/company come out. He said my computer needed replacement. The cart is a 1992. I questioned if it had a computer and this “other guy” quoted me a $545.00 estimate and he would have to take the cart to his shop to replace the “computer board.” That’s when I called Felix from New Visions who was honest, friendly and straight forward and he fixed both carts for $75.00

Felix provided me some preventive maintenance tips and was on his way in no time. The point of my article is to share with you a company most all of us need here in the CV. Golf cart repair! A company who is honest and dependable. You can contact New Visions at 39-203 Leapord St. Palm Desert, California 92211 (760) 899-7167.


Thank you Felix and New Visions! Honesty is the best policy and I really appreciate you!

Fire Chief Sam DiGiovanna