By Tricia Witkower

“It’s a dry heat.” That’s what I promised LJ, vocalist of Bikini Trill, ahead of her band’s first Coachella Valley show this weekend. On Friday night the surf-pop trio plays at Soundsplash, Hotel Zoso’s nighttime poolside concert series. Proceeds from this fun event help provide music equipment and lessons for special needs children. Party peeps are instructed to bring their best swimsuit and their chillest vibes. Doors open at 5:30 pm and the food and drink specials go all night long.

Bikini Trill heads our way from Los Angeles, but they are no strangers to hot weather. Tony Stern (guitar), Roach (bass), and LJ all originally hail from Texas and have been playing music together for many years longer than this band’s inception would indicate. At different times over the past four to five years, the three moved out to Los Angeles from Austin to explore the plethora of opportunities LA’s music scene has to offer, more behind the stage than on it. One day, they got together and wrote a song and had an “aha moment” – this song was GOOD. They were onto something and should be making and performing music together. The band’s name is a nod to various musicians and genres, none more so than 90’s Riot Grrrl punk band Bikini Kill. The word “trill” means true and real and started out as hip-hop slang, typically describing someone well-respected. With a new single out and a full EP coming soon, trill is the perfect word to describe this group that seamlessly blends electronic, hip hop drums, skank island guitar with powerful pop vocals to create a sound many have compared to the likes of No Doubt, Thievery Corporation, and The XX, while still uniquely their own. You can check out some of their music here:

Not long after their show in Palm Springs, Bikini Trill tour for the rest of the summer with 311 and Dirty Heads. Said LJ of this honor, “This is huge for us. We are so excited to tour for two months with 311 and Dirty Heads, who we’ve always loved. I’m looking forward to hearing The Interrupters every night.” This exciting opportunity is particularly rewarding for Bikini Trill, as longtime fans of their tour mates. When asked what her advice to up and coming local musicians would be, LJ stated, “Be consistent. Don’t ever give up. Talk to people and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Be the squeaky wheel and really, like I said, don’t give up.”


Get your tickets for SoundSplash here: What can you expect on Friday night? “Our shows are a mix of high-energy and chill songs and a lot of fun. Both of the guys jump around a lot and have long hair that they swing around. We’re kind of known for that [their stage presence],” says LJ. So join them Friday evening for a kickass night at Hotel Zoso and don’t forget your own bikini – it really IS a dry heat, but it’ll feel a lot better from the pool. You’ll love this band and be able to say you saw them back when.

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