By Michelle Ann Rizzio

This is part two of a series showcasing the Cathedral City sister dispensaries, Dank DePot and City of Dank, their brand Cali Care, and an interview with their founder Sahak Ghaghian regarding their upcoming lounge and lab.

In Cathedral City right across the bridge from Palm Springs on Ramon is what is known to the valley as the Ramon Towers featuring the Palm Springs Lanes. Since this past summer, there also has been a new feature there–Dank DePot. Upon walking in you feel a clean and comfortable experience for all ages. Their slate floors and cream walls are accented with beautiful gold framed art. Inside waits a wide open showroom with a fantastic staff of knowledgeable women waiting to consult with you about your cannabis regimen. I caught up with manager Monique to discuss Dank DePot.

When did your journey in the cannabis industry begin, and what sparked it?
Monique: “
My amazing journey started when I walked into our sister shop City of Dank in the summer of 2018. I was taken away by the quality of their cannabis and the incredible service from the budtenders. Their senior manager, Maribel, really sparked my interest in the cannabis community and inspired me to start my own research. She is incredibly knowledgeable, compassionate and a great role model. I felt very blessed to be taken under her wing and shown how astonishing this industry really can be.”

What are your goals for Dank DePot in 2019 and what can we expect to see?

Monique: “I have many goals for Dank DePot in 2019, but my main focuses will be general wellness, community outreach, and focusing on customer education. I emphasize customer education to my staff. I believe this is crucial for a dispensary to run efficiently. Cannabis has helped so many people with chronic pain, insomnia, PTSD, and many other illnesses. We really want to step away from the idea that cannabis is a “bad” thing and we want to help people understand that there is a product for everyone.

We were able to donate to the Riverside County Professional Firefighters Benevolent Fund as well as set up some donations for Shelter From The Storm. The cannabis community has always been portrayed as a happy, peaceful, and generous community and I want the Coachella Valley to know that we support them as much as they have been supporting us.

In the upcoming year Dank Depot will open a consumption lounge as well as an infused café! We are also going to be starting our own cultivation. I am very excited for this part of the business to take off, it presents a wonderful opportunity for my staff and I to see all aspects of the industry; cultivation, testing, and sales.”

How can people follow your team?

Monique: “We do have an Instagram now, @thegreenladies_, where we focus on our wonderful budtenders and the cannabis lifestyle. We also inform our customer base with product knowledge, educational videos and product reviews.”

How has cannabis influenced your own health and wellness?

Monique: “This past year alone, my health began to decline due to my own unhappiness, anxiety, IBS, insomnia, depression and the many symptoms that are associated with it. I then began to educate myself about cannabis and the wonderful ways it could help someone like me. It’s been an amazing ride. Cannabis has helped me balance my life. I am now able to take a step back, breathe, and enjoy life as it’s coming. My anxiety is now under control and my sleepless nights are now being slumbered through. I have found that cannabis helps so much when it comes to menstruation and cramps. Considering we smoke the female plant, maybe it really was made for women!  I have a very curious soul and I fell in love with this industry 100%. Cannabis is a tool that has helped my overall wellbeing and the serenity of my life, and that’s all I want for anyone considering cannabis use or active users.”

What is your favorite way to use cannabis?

Monique: “I love vaping, the girls have nicknamed me the vaping queen. I love the fact that you can control your high, and because it is a concentrate not much is needed, and it is not as harsh on your lungs. I believe it’s very important to educate the customers when purchasing a new device. They should know how to use it, clean it, and potentially fix a connection issue between the main components. Although, if I’m lighting up some flower, which my nighttime smoke is, usually…a good water bong will suffice!”

What are your top 5 favorite products?
Monique: “My first would have to be Kurvana. They were the first vaping company I found, prior to all the BCC compliances, the majority of vapes I was using were giving me headaches! I thank Sybil for the knowledge, one of City of Dank’s managers! My favorite strain from them would be Amnesia Haze, it is great for workouts!

My second would have to be PAX. The device is great. It’s simple to use, good battery life, and they have an app, which is very useful if you need to lock your device, change the temperature of your hits, or just change the color. Pax partners with many companies to offer a great variety of strain options, which is what caught my attention.
Third would have to be Henry’s Original flowers! It’s clean green, so many great strains and they are consistent with their testing results! I really like the fact they have pre-rolls in a pack of four that are individually packaged. These really are perfect for any situation, smoking by yourself, or with friends.
Fourth, I would go with CaliCare. Quality and potency, simple! If I’m not smoking Henry’s or Kings Garden I’d say it would definitely be CaliCare packed in my bowl.
Fifth, I would have to say the CBD Protabs by Level. They work wonderfully, especially if you are an active person. I’ve tried them out the day after a heavy leg day and my soreness went away completely.”

Visit Dank DePot at 68031 Ramon Rd in Cathedral City to shop and meet the Green Ladies!