The age of COVID-19 has currently changed the way mass gatherings and parties are held. With a limited amount of people only allowed, that doesn’t mean it should put a damper on the festive spirit. Nifty Kreations is a local Coachella Valley small business that provides personalized party decorations and treats with a customized theme of choice.

Adriana Rivera is the creator and owner of Nifty Kreations. She wears three hats as wife, mother to three kids, and business owner. Her inspiration for starting Nifty Kreations was based on not liking any of the party decorations available at stores she would visit. Since she couldn’t find any decorations that were unique or to her liking, she started making her own party decorations for her own children, completing most of the work with little assistance.

“I started making decorations for my kids and some family in 2011. I later ventured into creating some for friends, and then their friends. I later started a business profile on Facebook and it started to grow from there,” explained Rivera.

Most of the pieces created by Rivera are catered to children’s parties, but Nifty Kreations has provided decorations for other kinds of celebrations. The business specializes in balloons, decorations, candy/dessert stations (which comes with the option of providing chocolate-covered treats), invitations, centerpieces, cake/cupcake toppers, favor boxes/bags, and other small personalized gifts. Other customizable options from Nifty Kreations include decorations, cups, mugs, table signs for events, and favor tags.

The process for creating the decorations usually depends on the first step, which is deciding on a theme for the party, and then selecting the color scheme. This can range from cartoon characters, animals, sports, and even social media-based designs. After a theme is chosen, Rivera then designs, prints, and cuts images and letters before assembling them.

“I started this business because of my children.  When I started, there was no one here in the desert that did what I did. The weather can restrict people from having events here, especially in the summer heat.  I would love to offer a nice place at an affordable price for people to celebrate their loved ones,” said Rivera.

Rivera defines the flexibility of her schedule as being the best part of her job, in addition to being able to work from home and having the ability to watch over her children, especially since they are home most of the time. “My son says I work too much.  He’s my youngest and also wants lots of attention,” revealed Rivera.

Rivera also enjoys putting smiles on people’s faces after they receive their decorations. The messages of appreciation she receives after the party are always “so moving.”

To place an order for Nifty Kreations, you can reach out on Instagram @niftykreations, and also visit Rivera’s Etsy shop, NiftyKreations1.