by Mike Livingston; Host, The Clubhouse Radio Show

Whenever one season ends and another begins, it does so with expectations in one form or another. In fact, it does so in many forms as everyone seems to have their own set of expectations for what lies ahead either for themselves personally, or for other around them. The PGA Tour is no different except that as opposed to team sports, golfers are perhaps even more personally driven and self-absorbed ( for lack of a better term) as it all really does fall on their shoulders. So, expectations in the world of golf are something that always seem highly optimistic, to begin a season (as rule) if nothing else. As we begin 2013 that adage appears to be holding true as much as ever.
Will Tiger Woods continue to climb back to the pinnacle of the golf world and assist in solidifying that seemingly “made-for” rivalry of Tiger vs. Rory, the obvious generational issues aside. I guess the emergence of Rory and the re-emergence of Tiger could no longer be ignored and it is good for the game – I concede. Good for Nike and golf marketing, too……..
But have we forgotten some of the others? Has the star of Phil Mickelson faded that dramatically? Is he no longer that serious a contender (current world ranking aside)? Lee Westwood always seems to be on the final page of the leader board or in the final group on the last day of a major, he’s just not been there at the end yet…..has that window closed or is it about to finally play out and the respect overdue, given? And then there’s the mysterious case of Martin Kaymer….I can’t figure this guy out at all. One day I woke up and he was ranked in the top 20 in the world. Next month he was #1. Then, he went backwards…….because of the language barrier or his non-fully exempt status on the U.S. PGA Tour, we don’t seem to know much about him at all…..certainly not for a player of his elite level. Has he tapered off and will he be back? How about Sergio Garcia? He’s middle-aged now….not-so-young-anymore, dude. Gotta close the door on that elusive major that we all once thought was a no-brainer………
As I said, I think it will be interesting, if nothing else. There will be a few differences on the tour in regards to both, the schedule and how the players will qualify (this year and hereafter) and how that system has changed might make this season, and the end of the season more competitive than any in recent memory. If nothing else, I’m looking forward to it……the Humana Challenge in our own backyard is just around the corner!
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